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Jan. 26th, 2008

09:55 am - Family Tree.

Haven't been hiding, just been busy trying to sort out a family tree for Nathan. I have managed to do quite a bit over the last two years with my mother's side of the family, now figuring out Dad's side. Dad did have professional advice about 15 years ago but they didn't complete his tree, so I am carrying on from there. Thankfully one of the family surname is a rather unusual welsh one so it's been quite easy, but it's also a challenge with the other one which is a very very common Welsh name

Alongside this I am working on the Father in law's family, whom sadly he knows very very little. He became an orphan at 10 but was away from the rest of the family at the age of 7 when his father died in 1940, as his mother could not cope he was placed in an orphanage run by the Railway companies, he can barely remember his parents and other direct family members. So doing that part of the family tree is a major thing, with very little to work on. That means trawling through many many years of Birth/marriage/death entries for even one member of the family to locate any spouses/siblings/parents etc etc, so by the end of the session my fingers are aching and fatigue sets in.

All very very intersting but hard work as after typing and clicking, I forget to visit my live journal.
I am actually loving it as I have a lot of stuff at my fingertips, I love this type of work, sifting through stuff and finding interesting people, very much the thing I should have made a vocation of. I rarely get bored at all.

Managed to read some LJ entries yesterday and was replying to a entry left by Nakeisha, I was waffling on etc etc, and then I stupidly leaned on a key and deleted the lot, it was after family tree trawling so I was too tired to rewrite it all out, so will do that today.

Also thanks to Nakeisha who recced my NCIS fic on crackvan. It was lovely that you thought one of my fics good enough to rec.
She may be pleased to know I do have a fic in progress, but I add bits when I can, not as quick as I used to when I was active, but well it's a start anyway.

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Jan. 3rd, 2008

02:02 pm - Hello

Ok first entry in this journal.
Takes a bit getting used to. :)
Need to add icons and stuff.
And a big hello to Nikki :) my first friend on IJ, Funnily enough she was my first friend on LJ too :)


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